DIY dog leash holder

DIY dog leash holder


You desire to remedy the leash and the harness which drag? Here is how to realize this dog leash holder :

Everything begins with a wooden board and a drawing (if you want a particular shape), here will be a bone.

Thanks to a jigsaw and with the biggest precaution, we cut the shape. No need to make the roundings perfect because we are going to work them with some sandpaper to obtain a satisfactory rounding.

Once the desired result was obtained, we can pass in the decoration.

Hooks : IKEA 2.99$ 

I wanted at first to draw a track of dog. I drew it at first in the pencil then painted with the black gouache.

I then decided to stick on the glue hooks rather than to fix them with a screw what is faster but naturally it is always better to screw if possible I then wanted to make dog leash holder  more  » girly « , I added a knot in ribbon which I also have to stick.

And finally, by means of « thumbtacks », I hung on a ribbon behind the wood to be able to hang on without any trouble and without drilling dog leash holder  on the wall.

Here we are, dog leash holder  is finished! I advise(recommend) to wait 24 hours before hanging on leashes and harness, so that the glue does well its effect. If you used screws, you can use it immediately.

Please tag me on your photos instagram if you realize this DIY. I would be delighted to see your creations.

Have you other ideas of DIY for doggies?


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